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Embrace the chaos.

If we don’t have a ‘plan’ or feel lost, it can cause us to become quite tight-lipped in conversations about what the next few months look like … or it can lead us to avoid the chance of those conversations ever happening and slowly decline all social invitations until we find ourselves holed up for the 4th weekend in a row watching re-runs on Netflix...

genYOU Story 39 – Irina Stavrou

As someone who wasn't able to speak until they were three and a half years old, it was very frustrating to communicate with others when I was younger. However, my parents helped me find avenues where I could improve my communication abilities, fuelling confidence in myself. Thanks to them, I became a national public speaker and qualified drama teacher.

It’s ok to pave your own road.

Expectations within all aspects of our lives are rising, and sometimes it seems as if we're pulled into different directions of who we should be in contrast to who we want to be.

genYOU Story 38 – Riley Thiedecke

My biggest inspiration is my parents. With special mention to my dad who despite all the adversity he faced in his life, he always stayed positive and didn’t let the situation define who he was. This has really shown me that regardless of the situation we may be facing, we can always control our actions. It’s important to not let the situation define who you are, instead let your actions speak for themselves.

genYOU Story 37 – Ellyse Sainty

After having it drilled into us in grade 12 and then having the question of what you want to do after your degree posed to you every 5 seconds, can you blame me? Whilst goal setting is important, there will always be unforeseen setbacks. Don’t waste your time beating yourself up for not knowing quite what you want and keep working toward what you do know you want.

How to avoid the struggle, when nothing is compulsory…

Not to sound daunting or anything…but uni is full of stepping stones and, while skipping one stone might be easy (like missing a simple lecture), two or three becomes very difficult and suddenly you’ve rolled an ankle or broken an arm…metaphorically *please let that be metaphorically*

Stop the comparison. Your career is what you make it.

Whether you’ve compared yourself to your ex’s new partner, or that person at the gym with a bangin’ bod, we are all guilty of it… Comparing ourselves to others and subsequently getting down about our own level of success in comparison to theirs.

The real impression is made during the role.

So you’ve taken in all of our #NoFilter advice and you’ve landed yourself an epic internship, volunteer position or job role. Yas! Kudos to you! We’re stoked to have been part of your journey. But is there maybe one tiny detail that you have forgotten? The hard work isn’t over yet. In fact, I might argue that this is truly where it begins. Because it’s one thing to sell yourself on paper in an application and during an interview.

genYOU Story No. 36 – Adekemi (Kemi) Omomo

I recently landed my first internship with Griffith International where I’m undertaking a project to optimise the department’s purchasing processes. It’s exciting to have been given the opportunity to test out my knowledge in the field. Ultimately, I’m striving to advance the feasibility of sustainable procurement practises and purchasing decisions within large firms.

genYOU Story No. 35 – McKeeley Makin

I went through my quarter-life crisis at 18. I was at the end of my first year studying musical theatre when I realised the dream I worked so very hard for (and was on the way to realising) was not truly my dream. Bugger. Looking back, ‘crisis’ might have been a strong term. Whatever you want to call my experience, I can safely say I’m now in a really positive space.