A #NoFilter chat on success.

A lot of you will know that a huge part of generationYOU is our events (hopefully you’ve attended one or two)! It means that the generationYOU Team get to meet a lot of you face-to-face (yes the #genYOU team really do exist in real life hehe).

What I’m constantly astounded by is how humble most of you are when it comes to talking about yourselves, what you’ve accomplished so far, what you’re doing now and where you’re headed.

In fact, I’ve witnessed a lot hesitation during these conversations. Because I’m sure, to you, it must be intimidating speaking to someone who has a full-time job when you are ‘only a student’.

But the truth is, you are not just a ‘student’ … I bet you anything, that you have achieved big AND small successes already!!!

How do I know this? Well, I was once in the same position as you.

During my degree, when I met people in industry, my peers or caught up with friends, I constantly brushed off my accomplishments and swept them under the rug when I found myself talking to someone who – in my head – was a rung above me on the ‘success ladder’.

Heck. I still do it now. Only this week did my mum pull me up for saying “I only ran 10km.”


Think about this: In our career journey or general lives … when we have goals we set out to achieve or ANY task where we apply effort – regardless of the outcome – it means we didn’t only or just do anything (these are common success-belittling terms). It actually reflects that we took small steps in our careers.

And #NoFilter alert: Those steps themselves represent success, regardless of whether the outcome was a win or a loss!

Really let that sink in. Because I guarantee you – throughout your career, if you continue to battle with yourself about what your ‘success’ looks like, you’re not going to enjoy the journey.

And the whole point of slugging it out during uni is not to sit down at a desk and beat yourself up every day comparing yourself to others – it’s actually to give yourself a chance at starting a career that you’re proud of.

If attending uni WAS one of your goals – then BAM – congratulations you have succeeded at something!!

No matter where you are in your career journey, here are 7 things I think are important to keep in mind when considering success: 

1 // It does not have to equate a room full of trophies, 10 post-graduate certifications or a library dedicated to your name (if these are one of your goals though, I back you!!!).

2 // You need to define success on your own terms, otherwise you will constantly battling with yourself and receiving zero enjoyment from your wins! YOU have to whole-heartedly believe in this definition – not your mum, dad, friend, mentor or boss.

3 // Give yourself credit for the small stuff. Maybe success for you doesn’t even have anything to do with your career. Maybe success looks like getting out of bed in the morning and tackling a new day, after a particularly hard one (I’ve been there too).

4 // You’re 100% going to end up with a few bumps and bruises once you enter the arena. Nothing with it was ever easy.

5 // Find a tribe, industry networking group, mentor, study circle etc. that you trust and that lets you be YOU. Authenticity is key celebrating you.

6 //The timings of your wins, losses and learnings will never align with the person next to you, or the person next to them or the person 5 people down the line. Trust the process.

7 // And finally, *clears throat* – your journey WILL NOT look like an Instagram grid.