6 LinkedIn Hacks You Should Know.

OK. So we know LinkedIn is basically one of the best platforms out there to help us increase our personal brand awareness, connect with like-minded professionals AND help us potentially land our dream role (to say the least)! 

We’ve put together some of our very best LinkedIn #hacks to help ensure you are using the platform in the best way possible!!

Read on to become a LinkedIn Pro with our 6 hacks …

1 // Don’t invite too many strangers or you might be shut down. 

Do you find yourself sending out dozens of random invites to up your connection count? Or perhaps you’re not being as selective as you should be with recruiters and are inviting a new one to connect with you every other day … 

Wherever you are at on your LinkedIn journey, heed this warning: you should avoid inviting too many strangers to connect! 

BUT WHY, I hear you ask. 

Well friend, LinkedIn themselves state “If you’ve sent a large number of invitations, your account may be limited from inviting more members. This is generally due to many of your invitations being rejected or ignored by the members you’ve invited.”

This is where quality > quantity comes into play AKA you should only be sending genuine invites. 

2 // Include a note when inviting people to connect.

Yes, we know – the note is “optional” … much like shaking someone’s hand when you meet them is also “optional” but also best practice and very polite.  So think of that little note as a virtual handshake and include one in every single invitation! 

Some things you could include:

How you know them

Why you want to connect

A recent article of theirs you loved 

How you would love to follow their journey more closely 

3 // Watch your initial meeting to invitation ratio.

Sooo you’ve made a connection at a networking event/industry night/panel discussion and you’re wondering how soon is ‘too soon’ to connect? 

My advice to you is you have until up to a week since you’ve met someone new to establish a connection with them on LinkedIn! Any time outside of this may result in your potential connection feeling as if they were a second-rate invite (eek)!! 

4 // Keep active and engage with your connections.

Here’s a #NoFilter rant for you. There’s nothing worse than receiving a flattering invitation to connect with someone whose interested in your work or following your career journey and then never. hearing. from. them. again. 

I don’t mean that you have to message me every week, I mean I don’t receive any engagement from you at all. A ‘like’ or a comment goes a long way when I share an article, photo or update. 

So make an effort to keep involved with your connections and support their content – that’s the whole point of the network! 

5 // Make sure your primary email is one you will ALWAYS have access to.

Me oh my. You would not believe how many people I know who have had to create a WHOLE NEW LinkedIn profile because they switched jobs or graduated from university and essentially were locked out of their account, because the primary address was their work/uni email. 

First of all, not only does it hinder your personal brand by having two LinkedIn profiles that are essentially you … it’s also damn annoying to have to start all over again! 

So to avoid all of the stress: ALWAYS ensure that the primary email address linked to your account is your personal email and not a work or uni-orientated address. 

Before you freak out on how you’re then going to add connections from work or uni keep reading …

6 // Pop in multiple email addresses to help you find your connections!

If you use your work or uni email address to help find connections on LinkedIn, then don’t fret about changing your primary address. 

LinkedIn allows you to search for connections through multiple email addresses! 

7 // Use LinkedIn BEFORE an event.

If you are going to an event where you want to approach someone – add them on LinkedIn and look at their page to learn more about them! 

Firstly, you will find it easier to connect with them in person, secondly they might remember connecting to you as you will pop up on their feed twice – when you added them and when you looked at their page.

There’s no need to lockdown your privacy either … if you’re having a look at a speaker at an event you’re going to, or a Manager at a Company where you’ve just applied for a role it shows that you are INTERESTED!! If you have an up-to-date and epic profile then you have something to show-off rather than hide!