5 Daily Hacks for Killer Productivity

Do you find that every day is jam-packed with appointments, tasks to tick off, study, work, hobbies and everything else in between? There’s only so much that you can cram into a 24-hour window – especially when you are trying to own your career journey!

So what can you do to get the most out of your day and how can you ensure that the time you invest in yourself today, will have the best impact on your long-term goals in life?

Here’s 5 hacks to help you stay as productive as possible, and help lay down the foundations for your future success!

One // Plan your day ahead.

Are you setting time aside to plan your days in advance? It’s no secret by now that organisation is key to maximising your day.

Planning your day is like constructing the blueprints for your success! So it’s important to set yourself a list of daily goals that can help monitor your productivity! This can indicate where you need to be and at what particular point in time, to ensure you don’t waste time on unnecessary distractions or tasks.

Some great tools to leverage when planning your day include >> Trello, Google Calendar, Evernote or even a good old-fashion to-do list!

Two // Consume less, create more.

Be honest. How many hours of your day are spent scrolling through quality memes on Facebook, or even binge watching your favourite new TV series?

We all love our downtime … but those hours spent consuming content can quickly accumulate. Imagine what you could achieve if you spent those hours creating something unique of your own.

The new generation of talent is driven by those who take the time to create their own content. Be it a blog/vlog, a podcast, or even content for social platforms, these individuals are the ones who will over time, amass a following.

Don’t get me wrong, consuming the right content is always laudable – it’s a fantastic way to learn new skills and information! I’m talking about consuming less of the unnecessary content that isn’t so productive. Try setting aside an hour of your day to simply create anything. Creating content is a fantastic way to develop commendable skills that are applicable for real-world job roles!

Three // Leverage your commute.

Are you leveraging public transport to get to and from university or work? It’s common to complain about the strenuous daily commute, but this time should instead be considered a great opportunity to get ahead of your day.

Throughout this time, you could work on creating some content (like we’ve discussed above), engaging with your industry on a platform like LinkedIn – or even stay up-to-date with the latest news affecting your industry!

Four // The power of a lunch break.

A lunch break is always an enjoyable time to unwind throughout the day … it’s also a 30 – 60 minute window that could be used in so many beneficial ways.

Similar to leveraging your commute, you could dedicate this time to a variety of different tasks i.e. read an industry article, listen to a podcast, or look for upcoming industry events (networking opportunities)! If you’re a person who can often find it difficult to rekindle their groove after a break, this will also help you stay sharp throughout the day.

Five // The day doesn’t finish at 5 o’clock.

Are you counting down the hours until the clock strikes 5? As up-skilling yourself is more important than ever, it’s essential to invest additional time after-hours into your own personal development!

Unlike past generations, a 9-5 is no longer considering to be the ‘normal’ daily routine. Working or studying full-time is always commendable, but this additional time you spend will highlight your initiative.

Some people will allocate time at night to create content, others have second jobs or even work on their own ventures that they wish to pursue.

So there you have it! 5 daily hacks for killer productivity. There’s countless ways to maximise your day … but it all comes down to your ambition to make a change! If you REALLY want to stand out from the crowd, take the time to develop your skillset or build something of your own – I can assure that it will make all the difference in the development of your career.


This article was written by guest blogger Lachlan Kirkwood – a digital-fiend and recent graduate.

At generationYOU we love creating #NoFilter resources for you that help you unleash your potential in your career and life! Watch this space for more fresh content, tips and career hacks from Lachlan.