13 ways to become unemployable

It’s not only the jobless who become unemployable. There are many educated, 20-somethings who are invisible & struggling to win at work. If any of the below sound too familiar then it’s time to re think your approach! 

1 // You are not putting your hand up for new opportunities or responsibilities. Step out of your comfort zone. Stat!!

2 // Disinterest/boredom is written all over your face. Employers can smell your disdain from a mile away so keep that at home.

I’m sooooo bored. Source: giphy.com

3 // You have no online presence. At all. This is 2017 – if you are not online, people will wonder what is wrong with you.

4 // You are a job hopper. Which translates to either ‘I get fired a lot’ or ‘I bail when things get tough’.

5 // It’s been too long between gigs and you have nothing to show for your time. Get off the couch and volunteer for a NFP or freelance – anything to show that you haven’t been binging on OITNB.

6 // You were caught doing something immoral, inappropriate or illegal. Not cool. You will be dismissed on the spot and you will need to disclose the issue in all interviews moving forward.

Vodka for breakfast. Source: giphy.com

7 // You are hanging out for your dream job and are not willing to settle. Good on you. Just remember those bills pilling up in your inbox.

8 //The lie detector went off too many times. NEVER undervalue honesty. And chances are you will get caught.

Don’t set off the lie detector. Source: giphy.com

9 // You burn contacts when you leave a job. That manager, Lucy, that you hated, is now hiring for your dream job. Oops.

10 // You’re a technophobe. Again, its 2017.

11 // There are inconsistencies across your CV, cover letter and LinkedIN. You are either bad with details or trying to hide something.

12 // You are doing the same thing over and over again. But expecting different results. Shake things up a little!

13 // Robots have finally taken over your role. And they do it better. We’ve been warning you about this one for decades.

Keen to make lemonade from the unemployment lemons? Do something different. Take up a new gig. Freelance. Start a business. Volunteer with a charity. Take control of your time and say yes to opportunities. Doors will open.